Cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to Jamaica and Grand Cayman Part 1



This trip is some years ago now, but I suddenly realized that I've never written about it and I do have some tips and ideas I want to share from our cruise. This was actually my first cruise ever and I must admit I was a little bit skeptical to the whole idea. Isn't it just old people who go on a cruise?


Well, lets start in Ft. Lauderdale. Just getting there was a rather difficult thing. It all started in Oslo airport when we found out that our flight from Stockholm to Chicago was cancelled. What to do? The airline always help you so don't worry. In our case we traveled on space available so we have to fix it our self. No problem, we went to Washington instead via Copenhagen. That's almost the same, isn't it. After some ticket misunderstandings and being able to check in our bags without having the proper amount of tickets (this was something I feared so I asked the check in five times if they were sure we could travel to Ft. Lauderdale from Washington on that one ticket via Charlotte. They said yes), we went to the gate to get rejected from the flight. Well, that happens but in U.S your bags take the flight anyway. We had plenty of time before our cruise and at this stage we are only a few hours delayed. However, we had to spend the night in Washington without our bags. Not a problem really, thank good we traveled from Norway where it is the same type of weather in December. We found an airport hotel and checked in for the night. Finally we could get some sleep. Only lasted for a few hours because the fire alarm decided to have a little party at 4 am. Well, what can you do, the girls dressed up in our nice clothes and the guys had to put their suites back on (we travel a little bit dressed up, rules). Outside we met all the other people who stayed at the hotel, in their pajamas, h I never wanted a pajamas as much as I wanted one then. Didn't sleep that good that night!


Next morning we went to the airport an got on a non stop flight to Miami. In our winter clothes! Arrived Miami in my woolly jacket and warm boots, not bags there because they had been sent to Ft. Lauderdale the night before. Again, what can you do, get a taxi to Ft. Lauderdale airport! Bags found, got changed in the toilet and packed away my woolly jacket for the rest of that trip. 


After a rather awkward taxi journey from the airport to the hotel (think the taxi lady had multiple personalities, just an assumption) this is what we did!






You can so not do this in Norway in December!


We we due to set sail the next day, but we figured that we had to try to get a little glimpse of Ft. Lauderdale before we left. So what do you do? You go out to......








Fore some reason this is not the first time, or last I would say, that we end up in Hooters. They have really good buffalo / chicken wings there though.












Need sleep! Early night and then ready for the next morning. my first meeting with the state of Florida! Not bad at all I must say, well at least compared with Norway in the winter time. 







It wasn't so warm that I would go swimming but I could defo wear shorts and t-shirt. None of us was tempted to go into the weather at this stage, maybe when we get to Jamaica or Grand Cayman, we are about to board the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship. 





As I mentioned earlier this was our first time on board any cruise ship so we had, to be honest, low expectations. We just figured that as long as we are two couples together we will have fun anyway. It turned out to be a lot more than that. First off all, not everybody is old! There is a great mix of people in every age group and the atmosphere was brilliant.  We went straight to the bar!


The show starts as soon as you walk on board that ship, and today they had dancing, competitions etc, etc. We were very good at hanging in the bar and looking at other people. Kind of making sure that we could actually have fun here. 





In this last picture I think we started to get really comfortable as my friends actually went on the dance floor to learn this routine dance or what ever it was. Funny to watch though. Next on the program was the belly flop thingy, jupmintothewater. We did not enter, just watching. I am amazed what people tend to let themselves do when they are on holidays. Now this is nothing embarrassing, but it must hurt like hell when you hit that water!







We had a great first day and the impression overall was quite good. This would be fun, we will make it loads of fun. We also started the whole cruise with a day on the sea so we had plenty of time to explore the ship.


Might as well hit the evening activities straight away. We got a regular pub straight away, and this is where we stopped by at least three times a day or so.






There is all kinds of entertainment every evening and it is on twice so no mater what time you have your dinner seating you will be able to catch a show as well. We went to everything we could, and all the bars and nightclubs on board :)








When we got up our first morning on board RCCL, we soon learned that there wasn't all the sunbeds on the deck that was suitable for sunbathing. First of all it was extremely windy some places and other places the music was very load. in order to get a good sunbed on the deck you had to be up really early. A lot of the people they get up early, out their towel on the sunbed they want and then wander off for food or whatever. Anyway, we weren't going to stay on the ship sunbathing for all the days of the cruise so we found other stuff to do and we also managed to go to the gym!!!!!!!!







And play crazy golf! On the top deck of the ship!!!!???? 









Just a little bit windy. impossible to even play the game so we gave up quickly. Well no problem finding other stuff to do, on board a cruise ship you can just spend all your time eating if you fancy that. There is food every where and at all times. Heaven for most men I would say!


However, we did not spend all the days on the ship, our first stop was Ochos Ricos, Jamaica!






Our first meeting with Jamaica did not go exactly the way we planned. It started with me and my friend had to go to the toilet and we just went in the first public place / house we saw, thinking it was a bar or something. It wasn't.............. it was a place where girls work and boys visit!!!!! We left.....



We had pre booked a catamaran and snorkeling trip through RCCL. It is very easy to go on different excursions, you have it all on you TV in your cabin and then you can just choose from that. Really easy and also very popular. Every evening after the staff have cleaned your room for the second time, they leave a leaflet with information of what is going on everywhere the next day.






Anyway, since it was our first time on a cruise ship we just decided to go with this tourist thing and be like everybody else.



To be continued.........


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