SAS Juleflyet 2013, Tallinn Part 3

After the visit in Kopli our group of about 90 people were divided up and had different things to do. Some of us went to a hospital for homeless people, others went on family visits and a lot of us had to go straight to a place called Salme, where we were having the #Christmas party for children and their families.


I went on a family visit with 7 other people including a girl from the social services in Tallinn. In the first family there were a mother with two kids. Only the little boy was home as the little girl where helping setting up in #Salme with the rest of the kids at the orphanage/day care center. Their Christmas wish was roller skates and football stuff, and we had brought all that with us to give to them.








He is very fond of football (soccer) and we got to see his collection of medals.






As you can see from the picture above, the room is not that big, and this is were all three of the sleep, eat and stay when they are home. They do have another room as well that was suppose to the the bathroom. This is an apartment given by the county in co operation with the social services.



The next family lived only in the next building, and here you had a mom, dad and one child. Same standard aging, one room where they eat, sleep and stay in when they are at home. This little girl got ice skates, clothes and shoes.














This room was actually a little bit smaller than the previous family's and it was pretty crowded with 10 people in there. It is a good thing that the children can go to the daycare center.








Here you can see a little bit of the bathroom, only thing that was in there was an old broken toilet, a small sink and a washing machine, no shower.


I also took some pictures in the hall way of the building an outside. Pretty sad looking to be honest.










After visiting the families we all had to meet up in Salme to prepare for the event there. Every year we expect around 600 people to show up, and there is a lot of preparations that needs to bee done.







I think this was the fifth year we had this event, and it is more or less the same every year. The families arrive around three ish and then the children have some time to run around and play before the show.









There was one thing that was very different this year from the previous. One of the photographer that has been involved in SAS Juleflyet for some time now, decided that she wanted to do something special for everybody. She brought her photo studio stuff with her from Norway, a laptop, a printer and fixed a lot of frames and she was able to take family pictures of the families that was at the Christmas event. That is something they would never ever be able to do if it wasn't for our Photographer Guro Skjeldrup. It was very touchy to see how they all reacted to that, and it was wonderful that someone cared so much to to this for so many other people.








Off course this was very time consuming for the photographer so she had to to this before, during and after the show.


For the event this year we had brought a clown with us and I think the children though it was great fun. I did have time to see some of it and I laughed a lot as did the children.







After the event it was time for food.








There is no Christmas party without a Santa though, so we had a few Santa's who gave all the children a candy bag each, just the way it should be. Some of the children was very exited to see Santa and it was such a great moment when they took out the candy they had gotten and wanted to share that with Santa Clause.


















The Christmas event was still not quite finished because in co operation with the social services we made sure that all the families that had been to this event could walk home with a couple of bag with food. I am so glad that so many people helps SAS Juleflyet with this, by buying Familiepakker, because this is what all you people do..............



















It's only with the support from all the people who buy these Familiepakke, a card which proves that you have given 200,- NOK, that we are able to do this. Every single one who supports us here deserves a big THANK YOU!



All that is left now is to hope we can do the same thing again next year! To finish off I have a few pictures I have to post here :)

























PS! As I mentioned we had a pretty great crew, and here Arne Johan is still selling the #SAS #Julefly book.


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