SAS Juleflyet 2013, Tallinn Part 2

This day in #Kopli we were working with people from the military and the #Salvation Army. The red car in this picture is an old #Posten van from Norway which they have given to the Salvation Army in #Tallinn.






 All together we are about 90 people who are here in Kopli to help serve some food and get the people some clothes and some food they can bring home with them or if there is anything else they need that we can give them. Warm, cosy, wolly "bags" for babies we had a few of and that was something they desperately needed. Will bring back lots more next year. It is never easy to see little babies or children walk around in this area knowing they have nothing and if it weren't for the help we provided they could easily freeze to death. All we really work for here is to get the children into school and daycare so they, at some stage, can make a life for themselves and get out of this misery.














This year we had bags of fruit for the #children mainly, however there was so much we could give it to ever wanted it. We also had small bags with shampoos and soaps that the airline crew have collected from their hotel stays over the past year.
















Inside these tents is where we had the food, and there was also some tables so the people who wanted to sit down could to that. Tried to make it a bit brighter with some music and candles and hopefully it was something good for the people even if it was only for an hour or so.






Here is Mati organizing everything, if it weren't for him I think it would be complete chaos. But this is a very respected man and everybody knows that nothing will be given away if they don't listen to him about how to go about this. This is only to make sure that everybody gets what they need and that everything is equally divided between the people.






It is also so nice to see some of the people you have seen in Kopli over the past years, see how they have changed, many for the better. They have more and better clothes and they act different. I'm definitely not asking them to be happy and cheerful, because at the end of they day they don't really have anything to be happy about, but there are so many people who are so happy to see us and they thank us over and over again. I think we manage to spread some joy for that 1 day, wish it could be more.












When you look at the pictures it can be difficult to see who is the people from Norway and who is the receivers for all the stuff we bring. That shows a good sign though, that means that the help we give them gets there. I think I can say with almost 100% certainty that almost all the clothes the people are wearing is from Norway and Juleflyet. But it doesn't meant that our work is done here. There is always something we can help the people with, like this girls who had a defect wheelchair. One of our flight technicians and the flight captain tried everything they could to help her with the wheelchair.





This year we also had some new men's winter jackets and that was off course very popular and needed.






It was so popular with all the clothes and the food we had in the vans and in the boxes that we had to be very careful when giving it our, so we could spot the people who needed it most in case we did not have enough stuff for absolutely everybody.






Some of us also visited some families who lives in Kopli in the condemned houses. It looks like a ghost town when you walk around there, never knowing what house the people might live in as it looks completely dead.



















There are some families living in all the houses that are in the pictures above.You would not think so by looking at the houses as they looks like they are going to fall apart at any moment, which they also might do.


Here is the house of the first family we visited, but it is only one room where they can live as there is no electricity or water in these buildings and as I already said, they can fall apart at any moment















We were about 7 people who visited the family (they were two adults) and it was very crowded in that one room they live in. It was completely dark as well, except that little light and heat they got from the fireplace and the firewood that Juleflyet had provided them (without they most likely would not have made it through the winter). It was very nice to also be able to present them with two full bags of food.






The two next pictures are a bit blurry and that's because you have to use the flash on the phone in order to see something. The pictures shows the kitchen.








The rest of the pictures is taken from the inside of the house, and it very easy to see that this is absolutely no way of living.















All the houses in Kopli are the same, a sad heart breaking story.















It is never easy to see other people live like this, and it kind of hits you very hard in the face that this is the reality for millions of people around the world.

To be continued.......................
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