Barcelona Part 2

The next day, Saturday, we had made some great arrangements for dinner as we were celebrating my mothers 60th birthday. So during the day we wanted to go shopping. My dads and husbands favorite thing to do ;) My brother in law doesn't mind shopping and he has great taste and style so he knows how this shopping thing works ;) But first, breakfast! It is so many places to choose from so you can just walk around and pop into any place you fancy.






So, shopping! There are so many shopping places in Barcelona, but we went to Placa De Catalunya where you have the whole tourist trap places. We wanted to go there as it is a very popular place for tourists and we kind of had to see it. 









There is a reason why we went to these two shops, it had a bar/restaurant across the street!







After that we just had to get back to the hotel, relax a bit and then get ready for our big night out! The restaurant we were going to is called Arola and it is rated as one of Barcelona's best restaurants. 












This is also a tapas place and it is located in the fashionable Hotel Arts.









Very nice place and they had their own little herb yard outside where they got all their fresh herbs from every day. So what they did at this place was that you chose the dishes you wanted and then they brought you the cold tapas first and the warm tapas after that. The only thing we didn't like very much was that even though they had a great selection of wine the sommilier (wine waiter) did not know what wine they had or didn't have, and they served the wine wrong. It sounds weird saying it like that, but in a restaurant that is suppose to be fancy, this is stuff that you will notice. The restaurant sets the standards, not the guests. But it wasn't bad now, the food was very good and very different from other tapas dishes that you can get at any tapas restaurant. 

















But just look at the food, it looks great! Very well presented, I just wish they served us all the wine from our bottle whiles we were eating and not give us the rest of the bottle when we had asked for the bill (it was a full glass for all 6 people). Anyway, it was nice and we had a great time. Now it was time to get a nightcap somewhere, but first a little walk around the harbor.







My sister had gotten a tip from one of her friends of where we should go, and it was called Pipa Club. Now this place is a bit different! First of all, it is located on a square that is packed with people all the time. However, seeing Pipa Club is not that easy. It is located inside one of the buildings surrounding the square and it has no signs or anything that indicates where it is. It looks like this.





Yes, ring the door bell and they will let you in. We were there early so the door was closed and then it is even harder to find the place. We knew though and we were prepared to walk into something that looked like someones apartment. Later that evening the door was open, but still no signs, you need to know where to go. 









It is a great place! And when we arrived there was hardly any people there, but by the time we left, the place was full of people. If you're ever in Barcelona, find this place.


My parents went home after this, but us "kids" stayed out for one more drink. This time, great beer!








Last one is not from Brooklyn Brewery but it is a Punk IPA, which is one of my favorite beers.



The next day we just had to see the beach. How many huge cities in the world have that! As the beach was a little bit away from our hotel we used the underground. That was so easy and i was amazed how clean the underground in Barcelona is, it looks rather nice! So conclusion, underground is definitely and easy and comfortable was of getting around in the city.



















We I got back to the hotel it was still sunny and nice so I went up on the rooftop to the little sundeck and pool that was up there and laid out in the sun for a little while, and also got some pictures off course.








That evening we went for dinner at a Belgium restaurant, located in the Gothic Quarter, actually it is just opposite El Callejon, and it is called Gilda. this one is also ranked very good at Trip Advisor and I must say that everything I read about this place was right











We had some really nice food at this place and we all were very pleased with the whole trip. I will definitely go back to Barcelona at some stage, and I will also go to both these restaurants again, highly recommended. For my next visit to Barcelona I am going to see more of the sights and I will try to be there for more than 4-5 days, you really need to spend a week there to see and do everything. 




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