Barcelona Part 1

Barcelona, or maybe you can call it Gaudí capital? It is a beautiful city and it is a little different from other cities I have ever visited. Yes, this is where the Gaudí capital comes into the picture. As you might know Gaudí was an architect and he did not like normal squares or "straight lines" and all his buildings / creations shows an impact of this. It is absolutely beautiful. 








We went to Barcelona on a family holiday because my mother had just turned 60 and this was her present from us "kids". We arrived (all from different places and flights) on a Thursday evening so that day was more or less gone. We just sat at a bar/restaurant outside our hotel and planned what to see and  do over the next few days. We stayed at Astoria Hotel and it was very good. 4 stars, clean, central, nice staff and the price wasn't too bad either. 


The following day we went on a sightseeing bus to see some of the city and get an overview. We went on the normal hop on hop off bus but we only bought a one day ticket, you might want to get at least two days because there is a lot to see, Barcelona is a big city. 


There were several things we wanted to see, but we started with picking out what we felt were the best to see first, a very good idea if I might say so. Again our sites was very Gaudí inspired and we started with Sagrada Família, one of the most famous sites in Barcelona.







The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família was drawn by Gaudí and the building of it started in 1882/1883. It is still not finished today, but they are still working on it, even though it was at a stand still due to the economic problems in the country during the financial crises period.










We decided not to go in as the cue was massive and we did not want to waist any time by standing there for several hours. You can see the beautiful building from the outside as well. 






We got back on the bus and our next stop was Park Güell (Park Gaudí). Getting off the sightseeing bus you have to walk for about 10 minutes up a little steep hill, but once you get up there get ready to see some of the most beautiful architecture and buildings you have ever seen. You can easily spend several hours just walking around. And you can get some great pictures. 





























After we were finished there it was time to get back to the hotel and change for the evening. Well, we were going to stay on the bus so we could drive by Estadi del Futbol Club Barcelona or Camp Nou as it is called. This is Europe's biggest football stadium so we just had to see it. 












Later that evening we were going for dinner and as I have become very fond of using Trip Advisor for where to go, we found a great restaurant through their app. It had a good rating and it was very cheap, and the food and service was great! It was called El Callejón.





We couldn't decide what dishes to get (we wanted the tapas) so we just ordered the whole tapas menu. We were 6 people so it was perfect with food for all of us. Some of the dishes we ordered double as they were very small. This was just an amazing place and I would so go back there again. And it was so cheap, I still can't believe that you can get so much great food, wine and service for that price. Just go there and you will see for yourself. 


After dinner we had a little walk and a night cap in the neighborhood.








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