Norway part 3 - 17th of May, Constitution Day/Norways National Day

17th of May, Constitution Day/Norways National Day

The highlight of the year for many people, especially the children. This day is very special for all Norwegians and it is celebrated in a very traditional way. All over the country there are parades, mostly for the school kids but also for the seniors at videregående (high school), who are celebrating in a very special way that we call russ. On this day we wear our traditional national costume, bunad, and we carry the Norwegian flag and we scream hurra (hurray) to one another. We celebrate that we in 1814 got out constitution. 

The past few years I have been working the early shift and this is a very nice day to be working, we get to use our bunad instead of our uniform. 








The bunad has different patterns and colors depending on what part of the country they are from. Mine for instant is from Nordland (a part in the North of Norway) and it comes in either blue (like mine) or green. So I have the Nordlands bunad.



The people who don't have to work meet up with their friends or family and have a nice breakfast together before everyone goes out to see the parades. We also have a nice breakfast in work;)






Alle the other pictures I have here is from 2007 and 2010, when I haven't been working.

























When all the parades are finished most people go home to eachothers houses and have a barbeque or something else to eat, most common is barbeque. You spend the whole day with your friends and family. If you ever think about going to Norway 17th of May is an experience you really should not miss. May is also a great month in Norway, weather not always the best, but it can be very sunny and warm as well, spring time is great!


Remember this post will be frequently updated! More to come ;)



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