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Beautiful Norway !


Far, far north, almost on the North Pole you find the small country of Norway. It has about 5 million inhabitants, they official language is Norwegian, although most people also speak very good English, we have our own currency (Norwegian kroner) and we are not a part of the EU ;) To get from South of Norway to North of Norway you need to fly and that will take you about 2 hours, if you drive it will take you about two to three days, or you can go on a week cruise with Hurtigruta (Bergen-Kirkenes). The winters in Norway are full of snow and cold weather. However there is a significant difference from the south to the north. In the coldest parts of North Norway you can easily get -40 degrees Celsius on the coldest days. South part can experience just minus a couple of degrees for a long time period. The Norwegian weather changes a lot and quickly. In one day it is very normal for the temperature to change 5-10 degrees plus minus and you can get sun, clouds, rain, extremely heavy rain, snow, fog, freezing fog, freezing rain, thunder and so on. Not all of this happens on the same day but often about 3 or 4 of them. Even though the winters are cold, the summers can be nice and warm, up to +30 degrees Celsius on a good day (past years the weather haven't been the best unfortunately). Any how, in spite of the weather there are some great things to see and do in the country and this post will be updated every now and then, whenever I have new experiences to add. I will write about the stuff I do, so the most common tourist things will not be listed here, not straight away anyway. There will be some great travel tips for you all, native Norwegian style :)





This is where we have our little, cosy "logg" cabin. In a very small place called Baklia, not too far from Vaset and Vasetstølen. At our cabin we do what every Norwegian would do, relax, go fishing, go cross country skiing in the winter or just go hiking. Many people also go to the downhill slopes and one of Norway's most popular skiing resorts, Hemsedal is about 30-40 minutes drive from Baklia and Vaset. The scenery is absolutely beautiful (at least I think so), and the air is so fresh and it is very peaceful and quiet. 






The two first pictures is taken from the kitchen and out by the entrance, the cabin is not very big and we have no water there, in fact we just got electricity about a year ago. There are a lot of cabins in Norway  that don't have this and loads of people simply don't want it, on the other hand there are a lot of cabins with water, electricity  saunas, hot tubs that we call stamp and other lush facilities. 





This picture shows the view we have from the kitchen and sitting room/dining room. The little "mountain" you see is called Nøsenkampen.





Remember how I said a lot of cabins have other lush facilities? In door toilet is one of them, we don't have that. In fact in the picture above you see the door to the outdoor toilet. 






As you see from all the pictures most of furniture, walls and floor are wooden, that is typical for all cabins, wouldn't be one otherwise. I have mentioned some outdoor activities that we do, and will put in some pictures of that as well, but first I just have to mention the indoor activity we do, games! Most popular must be yatzi, monopoly and card games, but you do have all sorts of other board games as well, like this one.....






So on to the outdoor activity. We always go down to the dam to fish, never catch any fish but still it is fun. It is so easy to get the fishing pass as well, you can just send a sms and you have you "fishing license" on the phone. But only allowed during the fishing season.














In one of the  first pictures in this post you could see the view from my cabins sitting room and you saw the little "mountain" Nøsenkampen. I have actually walked up to the top a couple of times and the view from the top is magnificent. Great little hike.











Up on the top there is a green mailbox and inside there is a book  where you can write you name and the date you were at the top. It is located  between some rocks, but you will find it as there is a great little place to sit down an enjoy our coffee and crackers (or something else) that you have packed for the hike. Even the dog deserves a treat after the climb.  





No treats without doing high five;)



If you don't like hiking you can for instance go to Vasetstølen and have a look at  the animals there and eat waffles. Some of the farms, or as we call it Sæter, make their own milk, jam, sour cream and so on, so the waffles are the best ever. 











Yeh I know, our dog is the same sizes as the mini horse;)








This is a great experience for the children and you are allowed to go in to the little goats and pet them.



Finally let me tell you about the best about going to the cabin. After a long day outside, especially in the winter time, there is nothing that is better than the fireplace and a glass of red wine. 





To finish of my little story from Valdres I just have to post some pictures from the way going up there. These pictures are taken between Fagernes and Vaset, right before you turn off to Panoramaveien climbing your way up to the mountains.










To be continued.........................


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