Dublin again..... Part 1



This is the third post about Dublin so this time I will just write about what we did during our weekend there, no facts, just what to do. We flu from Oslo to Copenhagen and on to Dublin on the friday, landed at 6 ish so that meant we would have the evening in Dublin. Started the trip with some free coffe and tea from SAS :)







At Dublin airport we decided that we were going to take a taxi, could take the  bus as that is cheap and easy, but we took a taxi because we are lazy. Took us about 20-25 minutes to get to Our hotel Camden Delux Hotel, right in middle of Camden street. Perfect location. The bus to and from the airport stops right outside the hotel, and I mean right outside.







This two star hotel turned quickly out to be a pleasant surprise, it was way better than the 2 stars they had gotten on the hotel booking site. The rooms were large, clean, had coffe and tea maker and lovely plants in the room. The bathroom was good size and very clean, couldn't believe that we got such a great price on this hotel.













It doesn't look like a 2 star hotel, I would easily reward it with 3. We also noticed straight away that Camden street is full of life, bars and some restaurants. It was absolutely perfect to just go out there on the Friday night. We went for something to eat at Solas.













Now this is suppose to be a cocktail bar with a little selection of food. It was not great.  We ordered some beers and food, and it was bad. Would not recommend thins to anyone to be honest. I got a Guinness, and trust me, you do not want to order a Guinness at a cocktail bar, do that in the pubs. The food, well, look at the picture it says everything!







After the meal and the disappointment of the quality, we had some cocktails, that must be good in a cocktail bar/loung. Ha ha ha, the picture above shows my Appletini! In my world an Appletini is green or at least a slight greenish color, and it is suppose to be a little bit sour, definitely not sweet. The one I got was all wrong, I sent it back! The Manhattan Sissel got was horrible as well, I think they forgot the mixers and only put the liqueur in it.  She drank the freeing thing;)  So conclusion, don't go to Solas. Sorry owners but it wasn't great. We should have tried the Tapas place instead,  Las Tapas de Lola, because that place was very full so that must mean the food is good.





The rest of Camden street gave us a really good impression, there were a lot of people, and they were kind of our age as well. Good mixture of people from their 20s to their 40s, I like that.









There is a bar on Camden Street called Against the Grain and without knowing anything about it or never have heard anything about it we decided to try it as it looked quite packed and popular. When we got inside we understood why it was so popular, they have loads of different beers from all around the world there. Bottled and draft.  And we were told by friends, and family later that the pub is known for all its beer brands. We ended up staying at this place for a while and the beers were great, the drinks too.









Camden street is very popular amongst local people in Dublin and for us who have been to Dublin so many times and seen Temple Bar we found it perfect for our needs. There is a lot of night clubs as well in the area and I must say that Dublin is very good on nightlife. Popular places is Dicey's and the Village that are located on Camden street and right begind it.






As you can see from the picture there was a long queue to get in to The Village so we went to a late bar that is rather good, Flannery's. Picture is taken during the day so it wasn't that dead on Friday night. 





At 12 o'clock we were so tired that we had to go back to our hotel which was just across the street from Flannery's. Saturday was going to be busy!



So Camden street is busy in the evening and night time (didn't hear any of the noise in the hotel room), and during the day it is very quiet. However there was a great little cafe on the street corner from our hotel where they had excellent breakfast for a really good price. I got 2 eggs, 3 sausages, 3 pieces of bacon, tea and toast for 5 euros. That is cheap and the food was good. Perfect breakfast before we went on Viking Splash Tours. 




 To be continued


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