New York......again and from previous visits! Part 7 (Final part)

Time Square

Probably the most visited place on Manhattan, well, at least among tourist. You do get a very New York feeling when you walk around there, again, this is from the tourist view. I don't really like Time Square at all, it is too many people, and there is almost always someone trying to put their hands in your bag (haven't happened to me yet, but it has happened to two of my friends, they noticed before anyone managed to nick anything). First timers in NY, must go there of course, but watch your stuff! Also know that there is a huge price difference on Time Square and for instant 1st and 2nd ave. On TS everything is more expensive as this is were there will be tourist 24/7. Just on the side streets of TS it is more quiet and there are some good bars and restaurants.   










Remember that the price and quality of both food and drink is not necessarily better just because there is a lot of people there (normally this is kind of a good tips, go into the restaurant if you see it's full, because then you know the food is good.......). Sometimes it can be a lot better in the small allies or the side street you didn't think about going into because it is quiet there. Ask local people where they would go, they will give you some great ides.













I also have another post about New York on my blog, it's from the time I was there during Hurricane Irene, take a look at the pictures from Time Square then. It is so different from what it normally is, kind of spooky.





And this is how we fly......

Just have to put in some pictures here because we have been very lucky some times and flown very well. Comfy you can say. 













When we travel from the hotel to the airport, we travel like this!




We were 9 people so it was actually cheaper to get a limo than to get taxi, that's crazy if you ask me. But that limo was very crowded with 9 people and 9 pieces of luggage.





Some of the pictures from "This is how we travel", are from SAS first flight from Oslo to New York. That's why you have the champagne and cupcakes at the gate. That first departure me and two friends had to go on, so we actually traveled to NY for 26 hours! Yes that's right, we went one day and back the next (remember there is a time difference so we left Norway on a Wednesday and arrived early morning Friday). That must be categorized as the most spontaneous and craziest travel experience, we had a blast. 








This was the first time I stayed at Manhattan Broadway hotel, and event though the red walls might make you a bit dizzy, the hotel is okay. Stayed there another time as well, and the rooms they have are very different. Some with red walls, some with bunk beds and brand new bathrooms (very nice bathroom).









One night in NY, what do you do? You go out! We had to show id! That was just fun though because it is only in America you have to show your id when you are over 30. Hey, I've even heard about people in their 50's having to show id. It is the law...............



And this is how you end up after only one night in the City. It takes a lot of energy to do everything within 24 hours, trust me on that. You definitely want to stay longer.




So ciao for now New York, see you in September.





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