New York......again and from previous visits! Part 5

Pub/Bars and restaurants!



There are so many around the city so obviously I haven't even seen a tenth of what is there. How ever I do have some great tips for which one I like and I would go to again. Lets start with one in Orchid street, that was actually a short walk from our hotel the time we stayed in China Town. The bar is called Hair of the Dog. Kind of a college place so here you have different offers on the drinks on different days. Monday night, beers for 1 dollar! 







You cam also play games there, like this one which is probably know for many people. Throw a small ball into the cups, and drink when you miss. If I got that right?





Pub grub is also possible to get there, like all the other places. I just love pub grub so I am very happy to eat that, especially since we don't have pub grub like that in Norway. 












Hair of The Dog is a chain bar, if you can call it that, and they have different branches all around New York. That is what this map thing is trying to show. 



So then what do we do if we want to go to a bar? We just walk around and walk into places that we find appealing, fun, crowded or if we just want to go in and see. You do actually find some good places doing this, and it is great exercise to walk around. Great way of seeing new places as well.








All that walking made us find places like this.......







A bit of a dodgy place with very cheap drinks. 





This claims to be the oldest bar i Manhattan and it is very popular. In fact it is so popular that when we went there it was a long cue to get in so be didn't bother to go in there. But it really looked like a cool place and there was a lot of people who were willing to stay in the cue to get in so I guess it must be good. Oh, I forgot to say that it was in the middle of the day, St. Patricks weekend ;)





Ha, ha, ha, this place I only got a picture of the door. I hope I had a lot of fun in there. Or was it so bad I've forgotten all about it? 






Now here is another place which I have forgotten the name for, but it was a great place. We went in for a pint of Guinness after lunch and the place had loads of people, some drinking beers and some drinking coffee. It might just be the kind of place that suites for everybody. Oh, it is called Penny, no, don't think that is it. It is close to East Village I think, in the middle of one of the main streets. 




Now over to some places I do know the name and location of. First one is O'Lunney's right off Time Square, next door to Connoly's. It is just another Irish pub, but you never get tired of Irish pubs! I really like the pub grub in Irish and English bars, and New York is hardly any different from Ireland. Most of the people who owns and work in the Irish bars/puns in NY are Irish, so you do get that authentic Irish feeling anyway. And the food is great, I love it!








Sheppards pie.




Bangers and mash.




Most international dish every. 




And the after dinner drink.



Another great bar in NY is Blarney Rock. Only went for one drink but I have been told by the locals that it is a good place. Might be for someone and for others not, what do I know! I enjoyed my one drink there. You go there and decide for yourself.







Judging from the sign it's suppose to be the best pub food in this place as well. All bars in NY have something like this so I think you need to figure this one out yourself. If you like sports this could be the place for you as there is sports on 24/7.



Down by Ground Zero in the Financial District there is another bar that have this really funny happy hour going on every Thursday, I think it is, not too sure though.  It looks very dodgy from the outside, not that fancy inside either but it is okay. It's called Dakota Road House.





And this is where it is.....







The happy hour thing they got here is these tickets that you open to see how much you pay for your drinks. It is so simple but enjoyable fun. Sissel got the first drinks and this is how she managed.





Half price is just great. So whiles we were sitting there having a beer, we noticed that they also have this food joint inside the bar. That is just brilliant, because how doesn't get hungry when they drink.





We had to stay here for a little while and Sissel wanted another beer. Me and hubby wasn't finished with ours so Sissel just got one for herself, and what happened then? She pulled out the ticket where it said 10 cent! She got it for free;) 






After a While I just had to go and buy more, even though I had already told the others I should not got up to the bare and to this because I probably would have to pay the full price for the drinks. Well, I couldn't help myself, and guess what happened, I had to pay the full price. But it was so much fun that the bar did it like this and it is plain, simple fun.



Actually this made me tell my friends about this place so when I went to NY just a few months after with a groupe of my friends, we went back to the same place to see if they had happy hour. 






 There are so many bars to go to in New York, and I am sure I can write about 100 pages about this. But there is one bar my friend said we had to go to for beers and pizza and that is Crocodile Lounge on E325 14th street, between 1st and 2nd ave.








What is great about this place is that you get a pizza when you buy a beer. So if you are on a budget trip to New York this is a great place to have your lunch, 6 dollars for a beer and a pizza. Jut order you beer and pizza in the bar, and pick it up at the pizza desk. The pizza is not bad at all.







to be continued......................


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