New York......again and from previous visits! Part 4

Walk around Battery Park



If you want to have a lazy day in New York, or just do something different, you should go down to Battery Park. It is were a lot of the locals go on sunny days and the view there is great, you can see all the way to Brooklyn Bridge and Statue Liberty (from the one side).








Do what I did! I'm the kind of person who enjoys being by myself some times, just to get some peace and quiet, so I went to the park and sat down at one of the restaurants (whiles the rest of my group went sightseeing, which I have done before).






Best way of enjoying a glass of Prosecco, in the sun overlooking the river Hudson!







After a few hours it is time to meet other people again ;)











Go shopping!


I can write so much about this subject and in NY you can go shopping everywhere. So to make this as easy as possible I will just say where I have been shopping. I don't think it is possible to walk even one street without there being any shops. You always get some favorites though, I know, I have mine.



It took me a few trips to New York before I went to Century 21. This is a department store with loads of designer clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses and other accessories. It is absolutely chaos in there and when it gets like that I just have to walk around alone. Been there twice now and still haven't managed to buy any clothes, just shoes and accessories. However, I will go back there again when I go to NY in September because they have some great shoes. Also last time I was there I found this little black Michel Kors wallet and I just love that. Will have to go back for another one. And don't forget the prices, they are even greater. I got my little wallet for 60 USD, in Norway it cost 1200 NOK (Norway is crazy though), but that is under half price. Looking forward to go back ;)







Centry 21 is down at the financial district of Manhattan, and not too far from that my favorite shopping street starts, Broadway. When I was in the city in May, I stayed at a hotel Called Tribeca Blue hotel, and that is right on the corner of Canal Street and Broadway. Perfect location for me, and I will try to stay there again in September. Just before I put out more picture from my shopping, I will out out a few pictures of the hotel. Small rooms but really good hotel. The staff there are very nice too. I might have said this before, can't remember. 








So that was just two pictures of that hotel. As I said small rooms, but I found them good anyway. Back to shopping. So on Broadway you have so many different stores. Everything from "cheap" clothing store to fancy designer shops. If you walk all the way from Financial District up to Soho, you get a lot of shops. My wallet is normally empty by then.








We went into this shop once, because I found the name so funny. I tuned out that they had some really good deals on jeans for men. My husband bought 4 pairs, Levi's and Calvin Cline, for about 60 dollars each. Don't know about you people, but for us Norwegians that is cheap. We live in a country where everything is a least twice the price from the US.  












So a lot of shops that I went into, but the one I actually bought something in the last time was Apple Store, my new I Phone 5. Love it! Oh on the way there I did buy a pair of shoes at this shop.






So basically you can spend the whole day walking up Broadway and up to Soho, Union Square or if you are in for it, Time Square. On the way up towards Time Square you can also stop by Manhattan Mall. That is not a big shopping center and there are not that many shops there at all. There are other places I would go to before I go there.







But been there, done that. The absolutely best shopping experience is to go to Woodbury Commons (Premium Outlets) in New Jersey. It is very easy to get there as well. Just go to the central bus station in Manhattan and there is busses taking you straight out to Woodbury Commons. We were a big group, nine people, who went there together. The bus takes about one hour and ten minutes and it cost around 42 dollars return.


Before I show the picture from Woodbury Commons, I have to put in some of our breakfast pictures that morning. Right by Madison Square Garden we found this food place, best for breakfast, where they had absolutely everything and you could sit down on the first floor and have what you bought in that shop. Think most people just stopped by there to get their stuff to go.









So after that breakfast we were ready to go shopping..............




When we  first got to Woodbury Commons we had to go to Applebee's to get a drink in order to be able for the chaotic state that place is in. It is a great place, but you really need to be in a shopping mood to be able to shop anything there. We managed ;)














Go to a show, Broadway or off Broadway





Can't really brag about being to many shows, but I have been to two, and they were a lot of fun. I have been to Avenue Q, which is defo for adults, and I have been to Blue Man Group which is for everybody. Not much to say other that is is a lot of fun and if you are in NY you should try to go to a show or whatever you want to call it. The tickets can be a little bit expensive, but you can buy last minute tickets or tickets that haven't been picked up or sold, on a stand/booth on Time Square, and then it is almost half price on some stuff. We did that with Avenue Q and I think we paid about 26 dollars for one ticket, that is not bad at all. 









To be continued........






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