New York......again and from previous visits! Part 3

Go for a walk in Central Park


This is a must do for everybody. Doesn't matter what time of year it is this you must do. Central Park is huge so you really don't need to go through it all. To be honest I think it is more beautiful in the winter time than the summer time. Any way, when the sun is out it is even better.















Again I have so many great pictures from Central Park thanks to my fabulous photographer sister. And trust me it is that beautiful in the winter time. 


















This year I also went to New York in May, the coldest May they've had for years. That didn't stop us from going for a nice walk, and lunch, in Central Park. We walked a little bit through the park before we planned on having lunch at Boat House.







Typical our luck, we got there about 10 minutes after they had closed for lunch and there was about two hours before they opened for dinner. Thank god they had a burger joint which was open for another 30 minutes. 


After that burger lunch, the burgers was actually very good, but hey this is USA, they know their burgers. Not the kind of lunch we had planned but that was fine. The weather had cleared up a little bit so we decided to walk from Boat House and down to Time Square. Along the way we got some great photo opportunities as well. 

















Go to the top of Rockefeller Center





I was so nervous I couldn't even take a proper picture. I'm not very good with heights. Just look how happy I look in the next picture.Yeah right!



















The view is absolutely amazing, so even though you are afraid of heights you should try to get yourself up there. Just remember it can be very windy, as you see from the pictures. I wasn't prepared for that at all ( stupid right), so I got a little extra shaky when I realized it wasn't going to be all that "peaceful" up there on the top on the 86th floor.













I know there is a lot of pictures, but something I just can't get enough off.



To be continued............ 





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20.01.2014 kl.10:57

Fine bilder!


20.01.2014 kl.12:24

så mange fine bilder!! Må være gøy å få oppleve New York, håper jeg får reist dit en dag :))


20.01.2014 kl.13:57

Ja her er jeg så heldig å ha fått med meg søster'n min som er fotograf. Sjekk hele innlegge på Det er faktisk ganske greit og enkelt å reise til New York for det er ikke så alt for lagt unna og det er ofte lett å finne billige billetter :)


20.01.2014 kl.13:58

Har en meget talentfull søster som er fotograf :) thefashionablemom:

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