New York......again and from previous visits! Part 2

Take the train to #Hoboken


You are probably thinking why, but trust me it is worth it. Two reasons, #Carlos' Bakery and the magnificent view over to #Manhattan, I guess that is for those who are interested in this. But even if you aren't you should go to Hoboken just to get a look at something different than all the #tourist in Manhattan. 





















When er went to Hoboken the first thing we did was to stop at the first bar we could find, it is right next to the train station! The 10 minute train drive make us beer thirsty!






And after seeing the beautiful view we got hungry and went to #Biggie's.





The food there wasn't too bad, but you can easily see that this is a food chain with more than one branch. I'm not a fan of that but the food can be nice of course. The mussels was actually very nice so I would go there again just to have them. The #Irish #Coffe on the other hand is a different story.






Will NOT go back for that. Can't even find one right thing about that Irish Coffee!






Walk across Brooklyn Bridge


I have heard that the best way of doing this is to take the underground to #Brooklyn and then walk over to the Manhattan side. We did the opposite and that worked as well. You get loads of really good pictures doing this and it is a nice little walk so anyone can do it. 











Some of the pictures are just amazing, sorry to say I can take any cred for them. It's my sister Stine who is a really good (I mean really good) photographer who have taken them. She is brilliant!















When you see the pictures you probably understand why walking over a bridge can be such a great thing to do. By the way, when we were there, in 2007, we actually walked into the film set of one of the Jason Bourne movies. They were filming a scene by the foot of the #Brooklyn #Bridge on the Manhattan side.






Take a sightseeing boat on the Hudson river



Me and my sister did that and we got to see Brooklyn bridge (again), Ellis Island and Statue Liberty and of course a great view of Manhattan. It was not a long trip so it was very easy to fit it in on a very busy schedule. We did this in March so it was not the warmest time of year so wear good clothes if you do it during the winter months, but still I recommend it.








Get an "American" snack when you go on the #sightseeing boat, a pretzel. 













To be continued................


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