New York......again and from previous visits! Part 1


Things to do



Celebrate #St. Patrick's Day weekend!







This year we kicked of #Paddy's weekend at #Connoly's Pub just off #Time Square with true #Irish traditional folk music, #Wolfetones! That was on the Friday evening just after we had landed in #New #York so we almost went straight from the airport and to the pub. 






We had a great time at the concert but at midnight we were kind of wrecked after the flight and everything. So when Wofletones was finished playing we went straight back to the hotel to get some sleep. Big day tomorrow we are going to Walk in the St. Patrick's Day #Parade with the Irish!


Yeh, that's right, we actually walked in the parade this year. Have been in New York twice during Paddy's Day but this year we were invited by County Cavan to walk with them. That is en experience that not everybody will get, and something we really appreciated. 




















St. Patrick's Day is a true experience in #NY and it seems like everybody that lives in the city celebrates it. The parade starts around 11 am (always Saturday) and it goes on until about 6 pm. We did of course not walk in the parade for 7 hours, but we were in it for about an hour an half. After that we were cold and thirsy! Next stop Irish bar!









This is what the weather had turned into at the end of our parade walking.



The weather cleared up a little bit after a couple of hours, and then it was time to head down to #Molloy's Irish bar at #50th and #9th ave. As the owner is from my husbands local place in Ireland, a visit there is mandatory every time we go to New York. In fairness it is a very good bar. Good service from all the staff, great drinks and good pub grub. Atmosphere is great as well. 

























Judging from the pictures I guess you understand that our Paddy's Day kind of finished early, I blame the jet lag;) The great thing about conking out so early is that we woke up very early the next day. Is 6 too early? Diddn't get up untill 8, I think that is pretty early as well when you are on holidays. 



Walk around in #Chinatown!


You don't have to do this for hours, but if you are in the neighborhood you should go for a little stroll around the area. There are so much food and stuff to look at, and it is just like walking around in #China, trust me I have been there and the smells are the same at times. There are many restaurants with good food there as well but in the evening time you don't have all the food and other different stuff to look at in the street. I have actually stayed in Chinatown once at #Hotel 91 down at #Lower East Side in #East #Broadway Street, very  good hotel even though the rooms aren't the biggest. The price there is very good and the rooms are clean so I would recommend the hotel to others. 





The second picture is the view from our room, kind of neat how it looks so shabby on the outside of our hotel, but when you look further away in the "horizon" it looks so more fab. 













Another thing that is worth mentioning is that in Chinatown, on the end of East Broadway, there is a diner, #Everest, which is very popular especially amongst #NYPD (in that district). The selection of food there is great, typical #American #Diner, and the prices are okay as well. We had breakfast there a few times.















#Manhattan bridge is in Chinatown as well, so why not stop and gaze for a second or go over to #Brooklyn from this end. Or take the train which is located right next to it.



to be continued......................


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