Hawaii - Honolulu O'ahu Part 1







My dream destination, #Hawaii here we come. For one week we were going to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the beautiful country side of Hawaii's Island #O'ahu. Travelling from Norway this is quite a far trip to do for only 7 days so we decided to stay at only one Island. All toghether it takes over 24 hours to fly there, but as we travelled from Oslo to Munich and then over to San Fransisco where we stayed one night and then the next morning flew to Los Angeles (where we waited in the airport for 8 hours) our travelling time was a little bit longer. However, well worth it.


Me and my better half went there in November, this is a month where it is getting cold in Norway and everybody is preparing for the winter time, so we just wanted to relax at the #beach of #Waikiki and get as much sun as possible. Our hotel, #Aqua Palms, were located right next to the beach, only 5 minute walk before you could feel the soft sand between your feet, so the location was great and the price was not that bad, for Hawaii that is. One thing you should know before you go there is that it is a little bit expensive, especially hotels. The closer to the beach you get, then more expensive it is. However, in my opinion you can more or less walk everywhere at #Waikiki Beach. 












As you can see, there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending a few day like this, and the first few day this was all we did. Beach, drinks, food, drinks, food, sleep:) As you probably understand we were not going to do much on our holiday beside relaxing in the sun. But we did walk a lot around the area so we got to know it and its places. On the beach we found the best little hutt bar ever. Small bar with lovely drinks and free wifi. Think it belonged to  one of the beachfront hotels, but it was for everybody to sit down at and enjoy a fresh drink in the sunset. We did that the very first day we were there and thats probably why we just fell in love with Hawaii straight away. 

















As I said we did not do very much the first few days, but we had to eat, and we found the best burgers ever. We just went by a place that looked kind of fun with #Tiki sculptures and as tourists we thought that it was great to go there, the place was called #Cheeseburger. Probably well know for many Americans but for us this was new. The best #burgers I have ever tasted, just try it and you will agree. 
















Surprise, surprise, we ended up going here not only two times, but three times during our stay in #Honolulu. I just love burgers!


Besides staying at the beach during the days we also did a little bit of shopping and just looking around in the streets. We also figures out that we had to go to other places on the Island of O'ahu, we couldn't just stay at Waikiki beach. So what do you go see! #Pearl Harbour of course, it is a piece of history so you just have to see it. So for the day we rented a car and drove around the island. By the way, renting a car was so easy, #Hertz car rental (one of the offices) was located in the #Hilton Hotel next to our hotel, can it be easier! Also the price for the day was not bad, we wanted a convertable cool looking car and paid only 100 usd for the day, we got one of the most expencive cars they had. 








So first stop was #Pearl #Harbour, it is only a 20 minute drive from Waikiki Beach and it is very easy to drive there. We did get a GPS with the car, and we used it, but you would easily find your way without it. Well, don't do what I did, I almost drove into a secured military area.









It did say on the sign that you were not allowed to bring you camera inside, so I left mine in the car, however, there was a few people who brought their camera and it wasn't a problem. We just used our phones for pictures as that was allowed. 










Now what can I say about this place! It is a litte blit hard to write about it because it represent such a big part of the worlds history during World War II, and the way we know history today. Writing about it would end up being a huge book, so instead of that I will just tell some facts and use a lot of pictures. 


On the site of Pearl Harbour you can see the #USS Arizona Memorial, USS #Bowfin #submarine and USS Missouri #Battleship, along with the Pearl Harbour Visitor Center, Pacific Aviation Museum and Punchbowl National Cemetery. There is several organized tours you can participate on or you can go around on your own and watch the sites. We chose to walk around by our selfs and look around. 









The attack on Pearl Harbour, the moring of December 7, 1941, was a surprise military strike conducted by the Imperial Japanese #Navy. The attack was a preventive action in order to keep the U.S Pacific Fleet from interfering with military actions the Empire of Japan was planning in Southeast Asia against overseas territories of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States. 



If you are really interested in World War II and Pearl Harbour, I think you can spend a whole day here. There is so much information about its operation during the war, and for me it was just impossible to read all the information. Then again, I am not that into the whole thing, but it is a part of our history so you would like to know a litte bit about it. 



Today Pearl Harbour is not only a place you can go and see and learn about what happened during the war, it is also a place to honour the 1177 victims of the Japanees attacks, and all the people who served their country during this time. 







After spending some time at the Pearl Harbour site we were once on the road again to go a bit further up north on the Island. Since we had the whole day to explore the place we might as well drive around it so we can see North Shore, which is very popular amongst surfers. 



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