Reykjavik, Iceland Part 2





It is important to get a good breakfast. And staying at that great apartment that we had we could make all the food we wanted in our little kitchen. Just have to say again how impressed we were with our place for the weekend. After breakfast it was time for me and Medin to pick up our car for the day. As we were 6 people we had to get a big enough car for all of us, as we were not interested in getting two cars, and of course we got one that was perfect. 







Off we went. First stop Geysir! No GPS in the car, we did not need that, we could read a map.........





or at least so we thought....... After getting lost, just a little bit, we found the right way. only lost about one hour at that is not so bad, is it?





Just had to take a picture of this, have never seen anything like this before, the picture speak for it self. 









Pit stop for the 5 of us who were not driving.






Even though we were on the right way at this time we had to make a few stops, the scenery in Iceland is just so spectacular.  This is a country far, far north, 65 degrees. The North pole is 90 degrees north. So all the landscape, obviously, is reflected by this. It will just take our breath away.  





Driving to Geysir you also pass through Þingvellir, a nature reserve placed in Bláskógabyggð, near the peninsula of Reykjanes and the Hengill volcanic area. Þingvellir is a site of historical, cultural, and geological importance. 








The local beer also had to be tasted.


After driving for about 2 hours, maybe a little more, as we got a little bit lost, we got to Geysir. Can't really believe we got lost as the way was not that difficult to find and the roads in Iceland are very easy to drive on. However, we found the place we were going to. 













As you can see from this sign the temperature is 80-100 degrees celsius in the water here, so of course you want to keep our distance. Still you get quite close to the Geysir and you can see it perfectly. 





At Geysir there is always a lot of tourists, but I really did not get the feeling that it was crowded. Which is good, some tourist attractions are just dreadful to go to because there is so many people there. Any way Geysir is a must see in Iceland. Geysir is the landmark of Iceland. 









Geysir lies in the Haukadalur valley on the slopes of Laugarfjall hill, which is also the home to Strokkur geyser about 50 metres south. Eruptions at Geysir can hurl boiling water up to 70 metres in the air. However, eruptions may be infrequent, and have in the past stopped altogether for years at a time. (




As you can see, you get very close to the Geysir, and that makes pretty good pictures!











Another thing you should think about before you go to Iceland is to check the weather forecast. As I have mentioned it is very far north and the weather conditions is accordingly. We went there in August it is was only about plus 10 degrees celsius and a bit windy and rainy. Make sure to have good footwear and maybe some gloves and a woolly hat or something. It can be very cold being outside all day. A wind jacket is also in order here. 





This is why you should have good foot wear, it is small puddles everywhere.
















And the little Geysir, showed it above as well, but here are some more pictures.









to be continued...............


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