Puerto Banus - Spain / The wedding Part 3

In 30 degrees Celsius you really can  not have a 3 course dinner with a big steak or something like that, in that heat it was important for us that our guests could move around a bit and eat what they wanted. So the solution, big, big buffet! The buffet was amazing, we had been there before the wedding and tasted some of the food so we knew what we were getting. We had everything from gazpacho to fish and meat, loads of salads, tapas, bread and of course wine and beer. I think everybody found it to be a perfect solution for a great wedding dinner, as I said it was hot and many people struggle a bit to eat a lot of food in the heat. If we had the wedding in Norway or Ireland the dinner would deffo not be a buffet:)








I tell you we had the best waiter staff ever! They always made sure that everybody had something in their glasses and that the bride got some water in between as well. Got a lot of very pleased guest who really appreciated how the wine and beer was "flodding" on the tables:) Sound like we had a drunken wedding but that wasn't the case. Everybody was just very happy!















In Norway we have a really funny tradition, whenever all the guest tap their knifes on their glasses or their plates, the bride and groom have to stand up on the chair and kiss. Or if the guest stomp their feet the bride and groom have to kiss under the table. This was so funny at our wedding because all the Irish guest had never seen this before so they were in a bit of a shock wen the Norwegians started doing this. They copped on soon enough and found it quite enjoyable.





Finally at dinner there was the cake! I was very curious about the cake because I had not seen it nor told how I wanted it. Me and Liam did not really care how our cake looked like we just wanted it to taste nice, and all I asked for was that it had to be something chocolate and that we could use the figurine thing we had picked out (that was a funny one). For us who did not care to much this is okay, but if you are picky and have a specific imagination of your perfect cake, then you should never ever do anything like this. I laughed so hard when the cake came out that I'm afraid I might have insulted the person who made it. It was tacky!!!! Actually it might have worked as a cake for someone who were having a christening for a baby girl, I don't know???? I just don't like pink!









Well, after eating some of the cake I was no longer laughing at it, it was the best cake I have tasted in my life, it was so good and rich with flavor, it was made out of something like chocolate mouse and brownies or something that made it into a cake, looked like a cake, but tasted fresh and yummy like mouse. I learned my lesson, never judge a cake by it's cover!


Both me and Liam was so happy with our entire day, but there was one thing he was not looking forward to, the first dance of the bride and groom. Instead of torture him with some kind of a wales (that would go straight to hell if we were to do it....), we just danced a little bit before we asked the rest of our guests to join us. Our song was Bette Middler, The rose:) (get it.....????, with all the roses we had for our decoration).






So that was it for all the "official" wedding stuff, now it was time to party! We had a band and a DJ for the evening so the music was very good. Before the band started playing they first putted on Black Eyed Peas, I got a feeling to loosen up everybody first. It was a big success:)








After the band was finished playing we all went to "the disco" that the hotel had set up for us.



The day had been a true success for both the bride and groom and all the guest. So many people told us that it had been the best wedding they had ever been to and that means a lot for us. All we wanted for the day was for our guest to have "the time of their life" (guess it's really us that should have the time of your life's! We sure did!!!) Even though the actual wedding day was over and done with we still had plans for one more day of fun and party for all our guest. It is very common in Ireland to have a big party the day after the wedding, and of course we had to do the same. Watch out Puerto Banus, Norway and Ireland are about to enter! And this is how it started.






Nice and easy in the hotel bar. After a drink there we were going to the Irish pub, O'Grady's, in the main little bar street in Puerto Banus. All 70 guest were to meet up outside that place as we did not have any common dinner plans and loads of people wanted to try different restaurants before the pub.





Liam was presented with this t-shirt from his uncle, it was very funny but when you look at the outfit you understand how this night is going to be:)






I don't even want to think about how much money we left in the bar that night, but everybody was enjoying themselves, that's for sure!




















Some of our guest stayed for a bit longer than just that weekend so after most of you guest had left, me, Liam, Heidi and Sonny went to Gibraltar. Now there is one thing that is very important if you ever go from Spain to Gibraltar, bring your passport. Gibraltar is English and Great Britain is not a part of the Schengen agreement, meaning there is a passport control to get in to Gibraltar, even if you are driving. From Puerto Banus it only took about one hour, maybe a bit less, to get there. The roads in Spain are really good and the speed limit is 120 km/h on the motorway. Almost no matter where you are going, on the whole east coast there is two roads you can choose from, A7 the road along the waterfront or AP7 which is the motorway. Also remember to have some coins with you if you go on the AP7, there are a few toll posts along the way, no matter what direction you are going. Anyway, there is a lot of monkeys in Gibraltar:)  
















We only spent a few hours in Gibraltar, but it was very nice just to have been there. Would I go for a two week holiday? Probably not, it is very small, however what can I say, I only stayed for a few hours. It is a nice place though and there is these lovely small, narrow streets with plenty of shops and the prices there are very nice, duty freeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Besides what I have written about here we didn't do very much other than relax and walk around Puerto Banus, we were a little bit tired after an extremely eventful weekend.


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