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Not the pretty little princess somebody want to marry.................... but we managed to fix me up a bit so I at least was presentable for my soon to be husband (after being together for 8 years I think he have seen me at my worst before this). So after fixing my hair for a few hours we needed a break. I was so luck to  have my very best friend, Hanne, doing my hair and make up, she's a stylist and make up artist so I was pretty lucky with that one:) Well, we needed a break, and of course we had to have some bubbles, so the very minute my sister, Stine, aka made of honor aka photographer and her photographer friend Helen arrived at my room we enjoyed some nice bubbles out on the veranda! 






Mwwwoooohahahaha....... ab fab!


Whiles I was being pampered by Hanne, Stine and Helene I had made sure I had some other friends who was in charge of checking that everything was going according to the plan. Hotl Rincon Andaluz have this gorgeous little chapel on their properties so we were going to get married there, only down side here was that we very way to many people to fit into the chapel. However, there was a solution....






You probably understand that we were very, very, pleased with everything, the place is so beautiful. Think all our guest had the same impression:) People were at the chapel quite early as well so they had time to take some pictures before the whole event started.





Heidi and Sonny. Heidi was the toastmaster for the wedding. She did a brilliant job, she is very good at stuff like that. Sonny is a Aussie and he is Liams (yeh, Liam is the husband) best friend.




The groom has arrived!!!!!!!!



From the left, Kristine, Hanne (the stylist), Nalida and Charlotte.



Liam waiting for me in the chapel.


So now it was time for the bride to arrive.........







Me and James Bond (my dad).


I was so luck to have two professional photographers at our wedding, Stine Merethe Eid and Helene Kolle, and also everybody was really good taking pictures the whole day. I also have a few pictures during the ceremony.










For the readings we had (from the left) Sonny, Mary Fenton (Liams mother), Phillip, Charlotte and Anne Cathrine. In addition to this Liams sister, Ruth, did a reading in Gaelic and Liam s aunt Kathrine did a reading of a blessing. Our ceremony was really funny, we had the best minister you can possibly imagine. He's from Scotland, but lives in Marbella, rev Andrew Hunter. Norwegian wedding ceremony can be a bit uptight and Irish is not that much better, well I don't think it is's the celebration it should be, I like it when people clap and laugh and cheer (when it is appropriate of course). However, rev. Andrew made sure that happened, and everybody seemed to love it. People were laughing and he made fun of everybody when they did not clap or cheer for us. He also made sure we had a few kisses. I think he kind of enjoyed the ceremony and the people as well, and we did invite him to stay for a while but he had another ceremony he had to get to. 



In the last picture you can see some of our friends and family having a reading for us. They did so good and we are so happy that they wanted to do it. Just let me remind you that some of the people are Norwegians and they were reading in English in front of 70 other people:) It was very important for us to involve our friends and family at the wedding, so there were a few people who helped us out with readings, handing out programs, being in charge of the gifts etc.





And we are married........... now it was time for some more champagne! And of course some more pictures outside the chapel, before we started with the actual wedding pictures, the official ones.








We had to do some pictures in the shade, it was about 28-30 degrees Celsius so standing in the sun for an hour with a wedding dress and a suit was out of the question. I love the sun so I didn't mind at all, however the white Irish person was a bit uncomfortable in the suit in the sun!







In the two pictures above you have Liams closest family and my closest family.







These two are taken outside the chapel, Santa Catalina, and it is me and Liam with my sister, maid of honor and Liams' best man. We did not have any bridesmaid or groomsmen, I like the old Norwegian tradition of only one each. Have so many pictures from the whole day, think my photographers took about 1000-1500 pictures EACH! Obviously I can't put them all out. Also have to say that out of 3000 pictures only about 100 of them very actually nice. If I managed to keep my eyes open Liam closed them and vice verso.

















All the above pictures are taken outside the chapel and the little square that was there. It was the perfect location for most of the official wedding pictures, however, we had to go to the beach club for some pictures there as well. Also it was time for champagne and canapes for the guests served at Pepes Beach Club! From the main hotel area we could just walk down to the private beach area, only took about 5 minutes.



Vegard, Roberto and Kjetil on their way to the beach club!





Silje and Maria at Pepes Beach Club.











This photo is so good and it is my sister Stine who took it. And no, the birds are not photo shopped into the pic.




 After the little photo session at the  beach we joined our guests at the  beach club for some champagne and canapes. We had made sure that everybody would get plenty of food and drinks. This was meant to be a celebration so we wanted everybody to get everything for free, open buffet and bar. Let the party begin!


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