Some important advice when booking hotels

Here are some very important advice for everybody who will do some traveling now and in the future. As I have said many times, I travell a lot! Well, with all this traveling I also have experienced good thinks and bad things, and this is something I really think I should share with everybody who stops by my blog. The first thing you do when you plan a holiday or a trip somewhere is to book your flight and your hotel. I have been through many different booking sites and as many other people I have my favourite sites where I book my hotels. Every now and then you stumble upon other sites that you might not be so familiar with and you might end up getting very good prices and therfore you decide to book through these sites, they seem legit so there should not be any problems. Well this is a WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There are several sites that you should never book anything through, trust me I have made the mistake and lost a lot of money because of this. My experience was through I made a reservation, put in my credit card and waited for the confirmation. Most of the booking sites require a credit card to confirm your booking so that is not unusal to do so. What happend to me is that could not confirm my booking as the hotel was fully booked, so they cancelled it. Fair enough. However, they never refunded my money even though I had sent several e-mails and talked to them on the phone and they told med that they had refunded my money. They said it was a problem with my bank. Bullshit!!!!!!! SCAM!!!!


I have talked to the bank and they are on my case, but it is so not true that have refunded my money and it is a problem from the bank side, the bank confirmed that for me of course.


I neede to investigate this a bit more and see if I could find other people who have same experience as me with this company, and where do you go then? Yes, tripadvisor! And surpise, surprise, there is loads of people who have had problems with that site. It turns out that they do not scam all their customers, just some, guess this is to seem more legit. Many, many people in my situation. I want to stop that, so here are some booking sites you just need to stay away from, found this on tripadvisor!


Beware of the new scam site which is a clone of the known scam booking sites, and, all set up by a Turkish fraudulent organisation and now hosted in the Ukraine. The same group of scammers is also operating, and .



So stay away from these sites. I will never ever use a site I don't know ever again, so if you want some good tips on where to book your hotel check out my links. My favourites:)



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