Cruise in the Caribbean -Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and St. Maarten

After our stop in St. Thomas we had a whole day on the sea to look forward to as there were no ports of call on our second day on the Victory. Very smart to to it that way so you get to know the boat on an early stage. We needed it because the firs two days we kept getting lost every time we tried to find our stateroom. There were so much to do that I completely forgot to take any pictures that day. Tell you one thing, it is very hard to get bored on a cruise ship! Did manage to get one though, and that of me and our little trophy that we won on the quiz:)










Second port of call and our third day on the cruise. Wish I had loads of money so I could buy a holiday home here. Did not see too much of the island, but the little I saw I really liked. I´m a beach person so again we took a taxi to one of the nearby beachs. It is so easy to get around everywhere because there is always taxis at the port you can get where you want. it can be a good idea to ask about the taxi price, we asked one of the security people at the port and he said 3 USD, when we go into the taxi it turned our to be 7 USD per person to the beach we were going to. Did not think that is a bad price anyway. However, it is always wise to get a taxi with more people, it will be cheaper that way.  The beach we were taken to was very nice and it was possible to rent sunbeds at the place. 10 USD for one bed and 10 USD for the umbrella, total of 30 USD for two people, that is expensive if you ask me, but worth the comfort. I don't mind laying on the sand but it is so nice with a sunbed so I will pay the costs of it:) Enjoyed the sun so much in Barbados that I forgot to take a picture of the beach! Only got this one where we drove by.





Before we had to go back on the ship we had a little tour of #Bridgetown, and one of our fellow ship mates that we shared the taxi with was such a big fan of #Rihanna that he wanted to see her dad's house. If it really is her dad's house I don't know:) 




After swinging buy to look at the house we drove through the city centre and saw some of the beautiful and historical spots and buildings.










#St. Lucia.....

St. Lucia was our third port of call and the first thing we did when we got here was to go to the bar at the port, ordered a Piton local beer and used the internet. To go inline from your own computer or on the phone on the ship was really expensive and very slow. We paid 63 USD for 120 minutes and did not get as much out of it as we wanted as the internet connection was very slow. I couldn't even access my bank because of it. However, at that bar at the port the internet was free of charge so we could either use our computer or the phone. Was several people who decided to do this as that was very easy and costed a lot less. After checking e-mails and stuff we hit the beach. Surprise surprise, ha ha ha. I have been to St. Lucia before so I knew a little about the place and where we wanted to go. We chose to go to Pigeon Island as the beach there was suppose to be very nice, and it was. There is actually a Sandals resort there as well which is very nice. Recommend that place. When going to the beach in St. Lucia there is two places everybody recommends you to go, either Pigeon Island or Rodney Bay. Seemed like most people went to Rodney Bay so Pigeon Island was a bit more quiet, I liked that. Taxi to Rodney Bay was 7 USD and to Pigeon Island is was 10 USD per person. Here they did not have many big taxis so we just got a normal one. Another thing that make it so easy to get around on your own is that everybody (at all places/ports) offer a return pick up back to the ship. We always made a deal with the driver to pick us up and that worked out perfectly. However, we also experienced that some of the tourists booked a pick up back to the ship and never showed up???? Why would you do that? That is just not very nice to do, if you have made an appointment with the taxi driver to take you back you get back with that driver! Well, anyway, because somebody did this to our driver he had sent another one to pick us up and then go to Rodney Bay to pick up two other girls. Great, that way we got to see Rodney Bay as well.     







The pictures above is taken from Pigeon Island. The last one is from the opposite side of the beach. The beach was very nice and the sunbeds was only 10 easy dollar (Easter Caribbean currency). He wanted 5 USD per bed but as we had easy dollar he was nice and gave us the same price in local currency (that is only about 6 USD). The next two pictures below are from Rodney Bay. It is a bit more lively at that beach and it is full of bars and restaurants along the way. Apparently this is where it is all happening in the evening time.




The little mountain you see in the back is Pigeon Island.






The two last pictures are taken from our balcony when leaving the port.




#St. Kitts..........

The fourth port of call and day number 5 on the cruise. No this was one of the nicer places I have ever seen. The island is not big at all and it is really easy to get around it. They even have a railway that can take you almost around the whole island. Did not go on it but I have heard it is a very nice journey and it is worth to go on it. There might also be a way to go to Nevis as well, we did not look into it but I am pretty sure there is a boat transportation that will take you there as it is very close to St. Kitts. Caribbean people are known to be very nice and this shows in St. Kitts. We found a taxi driver to take us to a beach and he was nice enough to ask us if we wanted to pay for the whole taxi our selfs or if we wanted to wait 10 minutes to he could find more people to go with us so it would be cheaper. I think that is a great deal as we did not mind waiting, win win situation for all of us. We paid 8 USD per person and the taxi took us to a beautiful beach with a view straight over to Nevis. That place had one of the most comfortable sunbeds I have ever been on and they were 10 USD each. But that was really, really worth it. And the service there was excellent, ordered beer and soft drinks at the beds (no other places during the cruise had that at their beaches). Wasn't cheap but sometimes you need to pamper yourself a bit:) Pepole there was so nice as well, no naging or anything to buy this and that as you often experience at Caribbean beaches.  























#St. Maarten.......





The 5th and final port before heading back to San Juan. This is also a place I have been to before so for our one day here I knew exactly what to do. The ship docks by Philipsburg, and this is the Dutch part of St. Maarten. I have been on the French part before so this was a new part of the island for me. There is one thing you can not miss of you ever go to St. Maarten and that is the small beach right next to the airport, Princess Julianna. Take a taxi to Maho bay (8 USD per person) and be amazed watching the planes land and take off, it is literally on the beach. 

















As you can see from the pictures it is a truly amazing that the planes can land at that airport, and the last picture shows how it is when on of the bigger planes go out to the runway to take off. Really do not want to be behind the plane. A lot of people finds is very amusing to do that and it always end up with hats, sunglasses, clothes, lilos etc blowing away, even people get "blown" to sea. Quite funny to watch. Easy to see that this is one beach like no other, but the actual beach is very nice as well and you have everything you need right on the beach. Sunbed 5 USD each, local beer 2 USD! We also had some huge waves that day and that seemed to amuse a lot of the people there, not only the kids as it might have been a little to rough for them some of the time.







There is a lot more to St. Maarten than this beach and I have written about it perviously in the blog. All I can say is that I recommend this island highly. Also this is kind of a hub for getting around to other Caribbean islands and there is a lot of flight going to St. Maarten.







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