Cruise in the Caribbean - Puerto Rico and St. Thomas

Getting to #Puerto Rico..........


One week cruise in the Caribbean is what I call a vacation. So to get a really good start we flew business class with Condor from Frankfurt to San Juan, Puerto Rico. To be a charter flight, Condor business class is not bad at all. The food and wine is good, the service is very good, but there are some things I missed, first of all, there is no "private" tv monitor in each seat. That´s right, you can not choose your own film or when to watch it. For me that is some of the privilege to fly business, watch a good film with your meal. However, it is a bit more comfortable that sitting in economy, seats are bigger and they do lean back a lot (not as much as on business class on a scheduled flight doh), but you also get that foot rest so you can keep your legs up. Also you got a nice rose before your meal................. but thet took it back befor you got of the plane:(








#San Juan, Puerto Rico............


Getting from the airport to Old San Juan is only a 20 minutes taxi drive and it costs about 23 usd. We got there in the late evening and we were going on the cruise the next day so we did not have much time to do a lot of stuff. Since we had so little time we decided to just walk around have enjoy the sight of Old San Juan. It is a really nice city and even though there is many things to do in San Juan, walking around is recomended. The bulidings and the small streets are a true beauty.













Even though we had limited time in San Juan we had to make time to taste some of the local food and drink. Seriously, you always make time for that. So if you go to Puerto Rico, get the local beer Medalla and of curse taste the Mofongo. You can get Mofongo with different tastes and meat and we chose one with garlic and beef I think it was. Delisious.......... but you need to like garlic:)






And after that it was time to board the ship that was going to be our home for the next week, the #Carnival Victory. It is a huge ship 893 feet long with 1100 crew members, and it can take 2758 passengers. It has a huge restaurant and a big buffet, a sandwich bar, a sushi bar, a wok bar and you can get pizza, ice cream and room service 24/7 just to mention some of it. Of course there is several other bars as well, and loads of entertainment to choose from everyday. What we enjoyed the most was the comedy club and during our week they had four days with different shows. Another place we spent most of our evenings in was the casino:) :) :) Did we win big???? Defo not!









Our stateroom was on deck 8 so we had a great view from our balcony. Of course on top of the vessel the view was even greater. Managed to take a few photos of San Juan befor we left the port.





A bit difficult to see in this picture, but that is the airport of San Juan and there is a plane landing.





#St. Thomas.....

Our first port of call was St. Thomas. As we were mostly interested in the beaches we did not book any  tours through the cruise line even though there is so much stuff that you can do at each port. Recon it is very popular to book tours, and it is very handy to have a schedule of what to do every day, but it is also possible to do everything on your own if you want. Well, I am so glad we decided to go to the beach in St. Thomas, it was beautiful. White sand and a turquoise sea. Only minus about the beach we went to is that is was so many people there as there was 3 cruise boats at that place at the same time. Getting there was easy enough as well. When we got of the ship we had no clue where to go, luckily there is so many people at the dock that gets you where you want to go. we just said beach and we were placed in one of those "open" big taxis that could take a few people, almost a little mini bus. Cost you 10 USD one way. Not cheap, but not to bad either. All the tours from the cruise line where rather expensive we thought, around 100 USD per person roughly.  













 To be continued.... or go to for even more post from around the world!



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